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How to Create Great Club Video Marketing on a Budget – drone shot, golf course, sand traps, private club – StoryTeller

How Private Clubs Can Drive Results with Less Waste Through Video

Private communities are no stranger to stretching their marketing budgets. Whether you've got big ideas or you're taking things a quarter at a time,...

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group of people with hand together in a circle

The Impact of the Coronavirus on the role of the Membership Director [Ep. 27]

Where were you on Friday, March 13, 2020? For many people, that was decision day - when many business leaders made the tough call to close down their...

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The Pinehills_hiking, family, outdoors, private community (Photo credit: The Pinehills)

The Private Golf Community that Came Out of 2020 Stronger with Great Digital Marketing

Despite a downturn in onsite visits, interest in the private club life remained high in 2020, and golf communities that invested in digital marketing...

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Connecting Private Club Content to Your Best Stories – StoryTeller

How to Connect Your Club's Stories to Your Prospects' Motivations

As a marketer, data is an essential component for shaping your marketing strategies. The more you can understand the motivations of your target...

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new member onboarding technology

More than the Meeting: Step Up Your New Member Onboarding with New Technology

Whether you are an individual or a family, joining a private club is a thrilling experience. For some, the journey to joining can be a courtship that...

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How to Create a Dynamite Nonprofit Gala Using Only Video – StoryTeller

How to Create a Dynamite Nonprofit Gala Using Only Video

This year of unprecedented change has created equally unprecedented challenges for nonprofit organizations. In many cases, the nonprofits struggling...

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membership marketing challenges

Membership Marketing Challenges: Is an Agency Right for Your Club?

The marketing world has changed dramatically over the last 12 years. A digital transformation has occurred and it’s changed the way people...

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closed-loop marketing

Why Closed-Loop Marketing is Essential to Your Success

We live in a data-driven world. Most marketers today could tell you which website pages get the most views, how much time the average visitor spends...

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someone typing on a laptop

How Private Clubs Can Leverage Content Marketing in a COVID-19 World

Over the many months to come, private clubs are going to need to rely on adaptive digital strategies and embrace new ways to connect with prospective...

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social media recruitment

What Your Social Media Recruitment is Missing

With a novel cocktail of public health concern and economic uncertainty, recruiting during COVID-19 is uncharted territory for private clubs...

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sales enablement

[Webinar] Supercharge Your Salesmanship with Sales Enablement

In addition to selling new memberships, the Membership Director often has a variety of other responsibilities, such as member relations,...

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Content Marketing for Golf Course Real Estate

Build Buyer Trust with Content Marketing for Golf Course Real Estate

Minnesotans know that once the first novelty snowfall of the season appears, that white stuff may stick around until Mother’s Day and like many...

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blogging is a must do for clubs

Why Blogging is a Must-Do for Clubs [WEBINAR]

What is a blog? For years, blogs (short for weblog) served as online journals for aspiring writers who wanted to chronicle their thoughts or share...

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Continuing Education: Marketing Certifications and Resources for 2020

I saw a great SEO presentation in Boston a couple years ago that really left a lasting impression. The expert explained some truly innovative tactics...

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double your online leads

Double Your Online Leads Without Re-designing Your Website [WEBINAR]

Private Club Website Challenges If you’re among the few private clubs today who have a waiting list from now until eternity and attracting new...

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rules on 501(c)(7) marketing

Understanding the Rules Around 501(c)(7) Marketing

It’s 2020, the beginning of a new decade. It’s a time for new ideas, new conversations in boardrooms, and a new understanding of what is needed to...

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Give Your Membership Marketing a Boost in 2020 with These 6 Tactics

A new year is upon us, which means it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions. But I’m not talking about the typical kind of resolution like eating less...

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What Club Marketers Should Know About Neuromarketing and New Members [Ep. 26]

Using your brain requires energy, which is why you’re exhausted after a hard day of thinking through complex problems at work - not to mention...

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