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4 Key HubSpot Features for Private Club Marketing

Whether your club is brand new to HubSpot or a seasoned pro, there are always things that are changing and evolving. With new and shiny HubSpot features rolling out seemingly daily, it can be easy to forget about those ‘ride or die’ features that make your club’s strategy go round. I’m here to remind you that sometimes doing the simple things really well can make a larger impact on revenue and attracting new members than only focusing on new tactics.

1. Workflows, Sequences & Email Automation

Emails are a major form of communication in the digital age. Most people want to be able to manage things on their own time rather than answering a phone call in real time. But is your club leveraging the tools available to also save time and energy on your end? With HubSpot, you know that you can house all of your helpful email content at the ready to send to your prospective new members. But how are you going about sending those emails? Are you manually sending emails to your leads or are you utilizing the automation features the HubSpot has to offer

Emails can also have the information about programming, your course, newsletter, you name it, but the other piece to the puzzle is sending the right email at the right time, that’s where workflows and sales sequences come into play. For your marketing, set up an email workflow for those contacts that all downloaded a similar asset or converted on the same CTA since those contacts are at a similar stage in their journey. You can set triggers to initiate an email or enroll a contact into a workflow that will deliver the email you want at the perfect time with the content they're naturally looking for next. For sales emails, you can set up templates and schedule them into sequences, which also help streamline the sales process and increase engagement with your prospects.

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2. Contact Management

Getting new contacts and building your prospect list is a great goal to have, but it’s what you do with those prospects that matters more than the sheer volume. On one hand, the more contacts you have to push your content equals more eyes on your brand, but on the other hand, sending great content to an audience that isn’t ready for it isn’t working in your benefit either. With marketing, there’s always a healthy push and pull of quantity versus quality, but from an inbound marketing perspective, quality trumps quantity. I would much rather have 50 great, qualified prospective members that love and engage with my content than 1,000 contacts with lukewarm engagement. Those are the leads that will likely fit into your club the most.

Getting off my quality over quantity high horse, let’s bring contact management into the equation. Did you know that within each contact you can do more than just house basic contact information? You can play around with the contact properties (even create custom properties) that assist you in sending the right content to the right contacts at the right time. Are they more interested in golfing? Or is it the other family-friendly amenities they seem to want to know about? You can keep detailed records of each touchpoint with that prospective member to combine both sales and marketing efforts. Let’s work smarter, not harder!

3. Reporting & Analytics

Pre-digital era, marketing was seen as qualitative work that is difficult to track. Now, tracking the effectiveness of your strategy has never been easier or more quantifiable, with all that HubSpot reporting and analytics have to offer. There are metrics tied to nearly everything in HubSpot from seeing analytics on how your contacts are finding you online to monitoring how your blog posts are tracking over the course of a week, day, month, quarter, or even its lifetime. You can even create your own custom reports!

The most important outcome of utilizing the data at your disposal is getting a pulse on your club’s marketing strategy. Data you pull from these reports can help you gauge how your strategy is working, is it furthering your goals or are you not seeing results? These findings don’t necessarily mean you need to change strategy but at the same time, it gives you the evidence to change course if needed.

🏌️‍♀️PRO TIP: Knowledge is power and time is money. The more you utilize HubSpot analytics the more control you have over your sales and market efforts. Once you identify some go to key performance indicators (KPIs), add them to a dashboard for a quick snapshot of performance.

4. A/B Testing

Let’s take it way back to 7th-grade science class, do control variables ring a bell? When conducting an experiment and testing out different variables, you always need to have something to compare to. And what is marketing if not a series of experiments?

A/B testing is a HubSpot feature that is best applied to things like CTAs, emails, and landing pages. Not sure which CTA will attract the most clicks, which email subject line will be the most enticing, or which landing page design or layout will be the most engaging? Sometimes, the only way to see what works with your strategy most is to test and check. So go ahead, next time you send out an email to a prospective contact list, test out a couple of theories to see what performs better and which one was a swing and a miss.

Ongoing Improvement

Whether this is the first time you’ve heard of some of these features or you’re already using all of these features, there’s always room for improvement. If you’re not automating email content, managing your contacts, digging into reporting & analytics, A/B testing, or using forms, then those are great places to start. If you think you’re already leveraging these features, then now is a great time to ask yourself how you can bring these to the forefront of your strategy and get the most out of HubSpot for your club.

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