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You Don't Need to Hire A HubSpot Partner Agency, Or Do You?

If you’re implementing one part of HubSpot, no problem. The CMS? It’s fabulous, a world class “WYSIWYG” tool that makes it simple to post a blog the...

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The Glorious Rough Draft: Confessions of a Ghost Writer

“If you’re going to do something right, do it right the first time.” My grandpa said this. He wasn’t a writer. A good man, a great man – but not a...

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time square with a large number of people walking around

5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Email Workflow

As different types of contacts with various touchpoints pour into your customer relationship management (CRM) software, it can be overwhelming trying...

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woman smiling while working on a pc

The Importance Web Presence Plays in Building Brand Credibility

Do you recall the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, you might as well throw that ideology out the window when it comes to websites. In...

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Man with cat reading content online.

Does Content Marketing Still Matter for Your Business?

Much has changed since the “turn of the century.” (We can say that now, right?) The early 2000’s gave us USB jump drives, Bluetooth technology,...

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SEO & Keyword Research: Voice Search, Intent & Topic Clusters

A lot has changed in the world of content marketing over the last 10 years. From the rise of social media to the prevalence of mobile phones, there...

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Unicorn with the sun behind it

Hiring a Marketing Agency Versus Finding a Unicorn

Finding the right person for an open position in your business has always been challenging and over the past year and a half, it’s become...

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looking at a golf club via a cell phone

4 Ways Private Golf Clubs Use Video To Stand Out

Think about your club. What are the qualities or characteristics that make it unique? How do you stand out from every other club in your area? If...

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man golfing with a child

Planning Private Club Marketing During Times of Plenty

For many private clubs and golf communities, the pandemic accelerated national interest in the sport, in memberships and in residential golf club...

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What Impact Does Social Media Have on Mainstream Media?

Long before the phrase "fake news" was part of social and political vernacular, it was difficult for media to feed a 24-hour news cycle with enough...

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Why Journalists Make the Best Blog Writers

In a piece about the difference between journalists and bloggers, Content Grip points out that the level of technique and skill of those with a...

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A private club website highlight member benefits

Hole In Ones: Designing the Best Golf Course and Private Club Websites

Editors note: this 2021 blog was updated in 2023 to include additional resources.

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man working in a mine

Mining for Great Content: 4 Story Ideas for Your Private Club Marketing

Many clubs struggle to write content that focuses on their members instead of themselves. Although it may feel counterintuitive, sharing your member...

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couple holding hands

Use Blogging To Jumpstart Your Club's Venue Marketing

As a private club marketer, you’ve likely heard that today’s consumers prefer learning about brands through online content instead of traditional...

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Content Marketing Considerations for Clubs (Part 2)

In a recent blog post, we discussed what content marketing is, why blogging on your website is an important part of your club's marketing and the...

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golf course overlooking water

Strategic Club Marketing Straight from School [Ep. 30]

When Cathy Zehms caught word that there were plans to close Holy Cross Catholic School, where her children attended, she sprung into action. Armed...

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Private Club Marketing Driven by Innovation in a Pandemic [Ep. 29]

Dave Porter has relied on innovation as long as he’s been at Greystone Golf and Country Club. As the GM of this statuesque club in a gated community...

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The Crisis This GM Faced Helped His Club Through the Pandemic [Ep. 28]

When the Coronavirus pandemic forced Minnesota golf courses to close, Joel Livingood was already preparing for the next step. It's what he's done...

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