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Meet The Team: Lisa Schmidtke

At StoryTeller Media + Communications, Lisa Schmidtke wears many hats beyond her title as a "Digital Advertising and Website Specialist." She is the driving force behind numerous sales and marketing efforts, making her essential to our agency's success. From crafting effective paid ad strategies to optimizing SEO, and maximizing ROI for clients, Lisa's expertise knows no bounds. But her contributions don't end there.

Aside from excelling in digital marketing, Lisa takes on additional responsibilities, including spearheading the sales of all non-video projects, implementing websites, and managing website projects with finesse. 

Early Journey

Lisa's journey into the world of digital marketing was far from conventional. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising from Iowa State, she set out on a different path initially. However, her innate desire to make a positive impact through digital marketing soon surfaced. Undeterred by the challenges of working full-time and navigating pregnancy with her daughter, Lisa pursued her passion relentlessly and earned a degree in Multimedia Production.

Over two decades ago, Lisa embarked on her voyage in website development, proving her fearlessness in embracing the ever-evolving landscape of Google's algorithms and SEO practices. As these digital paradigms shifted, she not only kept up but took the lead in mastering the nuances of digital marketing, becoming a trailblazer in the field.

During this journey, Lisa's passion for her work became apparent as she uncovered her ultimate goal: "I am always looking at the bottom line, so I really want to help our clients get a return on their investment and find value." Her dedication to delivering tangible value and maximizing returns for our clients remains a driving force behind our agency's success.

Favorite Part of Working for StoryTeller

When asked about her favorite part of working for StoryTeller, Lisa enthusiastically shares, “I believe that StoryTeller really looks to their core values. Not only for our internal team, but for our freelancers, clients, and our partners which really makes it a cohesive place to work and helps hold everybody that I'm with accountable.”

Perhaps the highlight of Lisa's day is the time she gets to connect with her team. Whether it's a delightful happy hour after work, a productive internal team meeting, or a heartwarming monthly check-in, she thrives on being part of this tight-knit community. These interactions foster camaraderie and ignite a shared passion for the work they do at StoryTeller, making each connection a source of inspiration and joy in Lisa's professional journey.

Beyond StoryTeller’s outstanding culture, Lisa is incredibly passionate about the work she does. She’s a force in the sales process, particularly in creating tailor-made solutions for her clients. Her favorite part of the process is delving into the companies she serves, a reflection of her StrengthsFinder talent "input," which she brings to every client interaction.

As for her favorite projects, Lisa finds immense reward in every website launch. There's a sense of accomplishment in crafting a website that she knows her clients will love. After all the hard work behind the scenes, the moment of launch brings her great satisfaction and fulfillment.

Beyond the Desk

When Lisa isn’t immersed in her work, she embraces an active and fulfilling life outside the office. You can often find her on the golf course, gracefully swinging her club or on the court, displaying her pickleball skills with enthusiasm. Beyond sports, Lisa cherishes the time spent visiting her two beloved daughters in Madison and Chicago.

One of the things that truly makes her a unique StoryTeller is her green thumb. Lisa invests great care and passion into tending to her garden, nurturing it into a picturesque oasis. This green sanctuary not only brings her relaxation but also reflects her commitment to growth and beauty in all aspects of life.


In conclusion, Lisa Schmidtke's journey at StoryTeller Media + Communications is a testament to her outstanding skills, unyielding dedication, and unwavering passion for her work. Her contributions go beyond the office, reflecting her zest for life and commitment to fostering strong relationships with both colleagues and clients. As she continues to thrive, Lisa exemplifies the essence of StoryTeller's success–a harmonious blend of expertise, passion, and community-driven values.

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