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B2B and Manufacturing Agenda for Inbound Conference 2023

Marketers in the B2B and manufacturing/industrial spaces could learn a lot from HubSpot’s annual marketing conference, simply called Inbound, Sept. 5-8, 2023, in Boston. You don’t have to have a HubSpot account to learn from some of the smartest sales and marketing professionals on the planet.

For those without a ticket, you can watch a live-stream of some events on YouTube. Ticket holders may have access to session recordings after the conference concludes.

The conference agenda has nearly 200 sessions over three days, more than any one person or marketing team could handle. We have curated the Inbound agendas for B2B and manufacturing/industrial attendees. 

StoryTeller will be attending Inbound 2023 – let us know if you’re planning on attending, too, or if you have any questions about how to navigate such a rich conference with much to offer. (We’re pretty good Boston tour guides, too.)

Here are 22 Inbound 2023 sales and marketing sessions for Marketing and Industrial companies:

WEDNESDAY: 6 Recommended Sessions (60 Sessions Total)

Build Deep CRM Customizations to Supercharge Your Business

Speakers: Jon McClaren, Sr. Developer Advocate at HubSpot | Laurie Qian, Product Lead at HubSpot

Many industrial and manufacturing companies would benefit from adopting a CRM. Some don’t use a CRM at all. Some have a CRM but hardly use it. Others use it, but it’s disorganized. If you fall into any of those categories, this session could be for you.

Gain and Grow: Aligning Sales and Success for Impact

Speakers: Christian Kinnear, Chief Sales Office, HubSpot | Jeetu Mahtani, EVP, Customer Success at HubSpot | Christina Brady, SVP of Sales at Spekit

Leverage your customers’ successes to help drive more sales. Many B2B companies have hidden opportunities to highlight customer success stories. This session could help identify opportunities in your company.

New Email Marketing Test Ideas and Pitfalls to Avoid

Speakers: Jay Schwedelson, CEO and Founder at subjectline.com | Pierce Ujjainwalla, Co-founder and CEO at Knak

Email marketing best practices are best learned through experience–and when possible, other companies’ experiences.

ABM: Transform One:Many Into a Connected One:Few

Speaker: Kevin England, Founder and CEO at Vonazon

Account based marketing is the crux of many B2B companies. If it’s already part of yours, this session could be a great way to “compare notes.” If you’re interested in ABM, you could learn a lot here.

Supercharge Website Growth: What’s New for Web and Content

Speakers: Meghan Keaney Anderson, Head of Marketing at Jasper | Shane Murphy-Reuter, CMO at Webflow

AI is discussed in every corner of social media and around digital water coolers–how does it fit into best practices for growing your website and your business? How does it fit into the constantly changing SEO landscape? This could be a good session for anyone.

Applying B2C Lessons From Amazon in a B2B World

Speaker: Todd White, Co-founder and VP of Sales at GUIDEcx

Product-based customer experience is the highlight of this session. If you are manufacturing or selling products to other companies in any capacity, this could be an informative session. (Yes, for OEMs, too.)

THURSDAY: 9 Recommended Sessions (81 Sessions Total)

Mastering Online Entrepreneurship With Amy Porterfield

Speaker: Amy Porterfield, Founder at Amy Porterfield, Inc. | Kyle Denhoff, Director, HubSpot Media at HubSpot

Small marketing teams (including teams of 1) could benefit from an entrepreneur-focused session. Small team environments can mean operating like an entrepreneur.

How AI is Reshaping the Future of Sales and Marketing

Speakers: Yamini Rangan, CEO at HubSpot | Taina Palombo-Price, Senior Director of Product Marketing at LinkedIn | Tomer Cohen, Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn

There is a lot of noise about AI right now. These sessions are often good at addressing that and providing a more focused lens on the topic.

SEO for Revenue: Grow Your Business, Not Just Your Rankings

Speaker: Dale Bertrand, President at Fire&Spark

SEO is a constantly-moving goal post. If SEO is a consideration in your marketing efforts, be sure to attend at least a session or two to help gauge your own efforts.

Revolutionizing B2B Sales With Revenue Acceleration

Speakers: Channing Ferrer, Chief Sales Officer at Semrush | Liz Christo, Investor and GTM Advisor, Stage 2 Capital | Maha Pula, VP of Global Head of Solutions Engineering at Cloudflare | Richard J. Sgro, Vice President, Sales and Customer Success at Insight Partners | Toby Carrington, Chief Business Officer at Seismic Software, Inc.

This topic is specifically geared toward the B2B sales audience and has a full stage–it’s worth checking out for your sales team.

Turn HubSpot Into the Ultimate Sales Engagement Platform (Reservation Required)

Speakers: Aldo Barbagiovanni, Director of Solutions Engineering, Kixie | David Gable, Head of Sales, Kixie

If you’re using HubSpot Sales or are considering it, this session could save you a lot of strategy, planning, and HubSpot setup time.

Things Every HubSpot Admin Needs To Know (Reservation Required)

Speaker: Kyle Jepson, Academy Evangelist at HubSpot

For HubSpot users and admins who want to ensure they’re getting the most out of the platform, this session could provide time-saving tips and tricks. It could also be a good health checkf or your own HubSpot account.

Durable Measurement Solutions With Google

Speaker: Karen Stocks, Vice President, Global Measurement Solutions, Google

There are a lot of metrics and reporting platforms. Google alone has Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, and more. With the constantly changing Google ecosystem, hearing directly from a Google rep could be really beneficial.

Marketing School Podcast — Q&A With Neil Patel and Eric Siu

Speakers: Eric Siu, Founder, Single Grain | Neil Patel, Co-founder, NP Digital

Neil Patel often provides tangible advice and guidance around SEO and marketing. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, this could be a great session.

How 2 Companies Achieved Massive ROI by Moving to CMS Hub

Speakers: Gabe Wahhab, Senior Product Marketing Manager-CMS at HubSpot | Kuldip Hillyer, Founder and CEO at Kugamon, LLC | Megan Wood, Demand Generation Manager at Mesa Laboratories

We simply can’t argue with the description: “Is your CMS crippling your marketing efforts? Do you find yourself chasing down developers to make changes? Are you struggling to stay competitive with the latest features? Do you find yourself spending your critical budget on CMS upkeep? Hear the stories of 3 companies who made the switch to HubSpot CMS after grappling with these issues and more.”

FRIDAY: 8 Recommended Sessions (50 Sessions Total)

Your 9 Levers To Drive Sales Productivity in 2024

Speaker: AJ Bruno, Co-founder and CEO at QuotaPath | Liz Christo, Investor and GTM Advisor, at Stage 2 Capital

Who doesn’t love a listicle? If you feel like you need some fresh sales ideas, connecting on 1 or 2 of the 9 ideas could make your time worth it.

15 Reasons Why Your GTM Is Broken and How To Fix It

Speaker: Sangram Vajre, CEO at GTM Partners

Developing a go to market strategy is not a simple, straightforward process. This is another good health check session if you’re creating one yourself.

LinkedIn Ads Strategy for the B2B CMO

Speakers: AJ Wilcox, Host LinkedIn Ads Show, CEO B2Linked | Parker Williams, Head LinkedIn Ads Consultant, B2Linked

Another session with a focused topic–LinkedIn Ads for B2B–if it’s on your to do list or in your plan already, this would be an informative session.

Sales Leadership Productivity: How Do You Get It All Done?

Speakers: Carole Mahoney, Founder Unbound Growth | Chantel George, CEO and Founder, Sistas In Sales | Lori Richardson, President, Women Sales Pros

If the title of this session connected with you, then we don’t need to summarize it here!

How To Protect Your Business From Cybercriminals

Speakers: Alyssa Robinson, Deputy CISO at HubSpot | Eric Richard, CISO at HubSpot

You hate to think of it, but it’s important to protect your business and data from cybersecurity threats.

The Great Migration: How To Move From Salesforce to HubSpot

Speakers: Danae Ruiz, Revenue Operations Strategist at New Breed | Jacque Turbett, Manager of Revenue Operations at New Breed

We recommend this only because it comes up a lot with our clients and potential clients: Do we fully migrate or just integrate HubSpot and Salesforce? What would it look like to migrate?

Steal This Playbook and Supercharge B2B Marketing Like MNTN

Speaker: Matthew Collins, Director of Product Marketing at MNTN

It never hurts to hear directly from a product marketer who discusses their successful marketing playbook.

Encore Sessions Friday

Friday offers some encore sessions in case reservations had filled up earlier in the week. Many are TBD as of this blog publishing, so keep an eye on the conference agenda.

There’s much to learn at Inbound 2023. If you have any questions about whether it’s worth attending for you and your team, or if you are attending and want help finalizing your own agenda, please let us know how we can help!

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