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5 Unique Promotion Ideas for Marketing and Brand Awareness in 2019

As we kick off the new year, it can be difficult to come up with new, creative and unique promotional ideas that will help you meet your goals. If you are looking for new ways to get on the map, consider some of these oft-overlooked ideas for building your brand.

1. Write a Book About Your Industry

I know, I know, just hear me out. If you already use blogging as a marketing tool, you're probably not even that far off. For reference, the famed book "Tuesday's With Morrie" is 35,000 words, which is the equivelant length of about 70 blog posts. Writing an industry post once every 5 days for a year is actually pretty attainable! Of course, it will take a bit of time to organize your information into chapters and work with printers and publishers, but imagine being able to tell your prospects that you, quite literally, "wrote the book" on your industry.

Not only could the book be sold, generating revenue for your organization, but you could even give away the first chapter digitally in exchange for email addresses.

Revenue and lead generation all in one? Sign us up. 

2. Run a Photo Contest

Conducting a photo contest on your website can be really effective, and for a lot of reasons. Here are a handful of them:

  • Visuals perform well online
  • It's an easy way to gather email addresses 
  • You can incentivize the contest with a prize for the winner
  • They encourage engagement and self-expression among fans and followers
  • It can be promoted on your organization's social media channels
  • You can leverage your fans/followers' audiences by encouraging them to share through social

So whether you're asking people to submit photos, vote on a picture, or create funny captions for a photo you post, photo contests are a fun and unique way to promote your brand.

3. Publish a Prediction Post

Prediction posts always perform well. In fact, of the 642 blog posts we've written, our most viewed post was "Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015." The reason prediction posts perform well is threefold:

  • People respect original thinking, which is what it takes to create predictions. 
  • "Prediction content" is heavily searched, and the ones that are recently dated tend to rank highly
  • Many predictions are picked up by other publishers as part of aggregate prediction posts, which drives referral links and helps search rank

Predicting what will happen next in your industry positions your organization as an authority, and should give you an immediate traffic boost.

4. Conduct a Flash Mob

It might sound corny, but flash mobs can be really effective. 

They encourage word-of-mouth promotion, which is the most effective form. They fit well with the rising popularity of video content because they can be recorded and repurposed in a variety of places online. They show you have a unique passion about whatever it is your organization does. And, they are red meat for local media outlets who are looking for stories in your area. 

What more is there to say?

5. Create a Decision-Making Flow Chart 

As you know, marketing is all about helping and persuading your audience to make buying decisions. What better way than creating flow chart that helps prospects decide if your offerings are right for them based on a series of questions that lead them to either a "Yes" box or "No" box? 

The beauty of flow-charts is that they're helpful, creative, and really easy to follow. Here's an example of one we like.

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