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5 Clever Ways to Leverage Existing Content to Maximize Lead Conversion

When it comes to inbound marketing, content is king. Inbound marketing is driven by the belief that every company has valuable content for any potential customer and that this content can be used to draw prospects to your website.

Having a killer blog strategy (in conjunction with a solid SEO plan) is the key to drawing new prospects to your website, but having great lead conversion content is the next step in the process. So we've compiled a few ideas to help you leverage existing content to maximize lead conversion on your website—just make sure that all this great content is behind a lead-capturing landing page.

1. Record Existing Presentations

If you have thought leaders or salespeople in your company that have existing presentations from past conferences, meetings or training, use those as a baseline to record a screencast of your presentation. Then upload your presentation slides to Slideshare and provide the recording and slide links together as part of an on-demand kit!

Pro-Tip: Live webinars are a fantastic way to drive new leads if you have access to a webinar tool, like GoToWebinar

2. Repackage Blog Posts

If you have a regular blog, find similar blog topics and post them together as a kit. This is a super easy way to help your visitors find the best content and create an attractive content offer with pieces that already exist.

Here are few ideas of kits that you could use:

  • The Ultimate Blog Optimization Kit
  • The Beginner's Guide to Inbound Marketing
  • How to Get Started with Lead Scoring & Nurturing

3. Leverage FAQ Content

Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) content is a goldmine of content ideas from blog topics to white papers or checklists, because your potential customers will often have the same questions or roadblocks in the buyer's journey. Use your FAQ information to create content downloads (or, "Resources") that will allow prospects to get the answers when they want them instead of relying on answers from your team.

4. Give Away Pricing Information

A lot of companies are hesistant to give away any pricing information on their websites, but having a downloadable pricing guide that can be accessed by filling out some initial contact information serves a couple important purposes.

First, it helps prospects discover the next level of content directly on your website, allowing them to self-select when they are ready for more information. Secondly, this is a great tool for understanding where your customer is in the buyer's journey.

5. Checklists & One-Pagers

Finally, create high-level content that is irresistable to the majority of your website visitors. Use this high-level content to collect a minimum amount of lead information and then continue to nuture your leads with content that is further down the funnel.

These highly relevant content pieces will help assure that you have a high conversion rate and have the opportunity to have on-going communication with your leads.

Remember, first impressions are important: You have less than a minute to grab the attention of new visitors to your website, and if you don't collect their contact information that's often a lead that you will never convert.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to leverage existing cotent to maximize lead coversion on your website. If you would like to talk to us about how to increase sales lead conversion, contact us today.

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