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5 (More) Free Stock Image Websites

Bookmark These Free Stock Image Websites

Back in November, we published a post called 10 Free Stock Image Websites. (We've found morguefile.com to be the best of these 10 because it's searchable and comprehensive). We received a lot of positive feedback about how helpful of a resource that list was. Since then, we've come across 5 more stock image websites that don't require payment or attribution. We hope it helps.


With the exception of morguefile.com, Pexels is the best free image site we've ever come across. It's searchable, high-quality, and has a fair selection to choose from. The only downside is that most of the images have that 'vintage look,' that doesn't always fit what you're looking for. 


We'd like to give StockSnap.io a compliment sandwich:

Piece of Bread 1: Its site is searchable, which is rare for free sites and very helpful to those who produce content at a fast pace or for specific clients/brands.

Meat: It doesn't have that many photos. When you search 'baseball you get two photos. When you search 'dancing' you get one photo. 

Piece of Bread 2: The photos that it does have are really, really high-quality. 

Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos has 84 images. They are all high-quality, but 95% of them are of 'office life.' If you're in a pinch, this site could come in handy. 


Nothing eases the anxieties of copyright infringement quite like a website stating "Seriously, they are FREE. All of ’em. Use them on your blog, website, e-mails, and all your marketing efforts."

SumAll's images are mostly 'cartoon-themed' (think: pizzas smiling at you), but they are surprisingly appealing, and could be useful on more light-hearted content. Unfortunately, SumAll is not a searchable site. 

Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo doesn't allow use of images "on demand," but it does send images right to your email inbox on the first of every month. If you want access to an on demand archive, you can sign up for the site's premium service, which will set you back $10/month. Death to the Stock Photo's images have a "woodsy" theme to them, so be sure that's something you're interested in before offering up your email address.


Keeping your wallet full of money and your content full of pictures is no longer a problem. Enjoy.

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