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Meet the Team: Matt Haugen, Content That Works

What information will help you attract potential customers? And how can you give it to them in ways that drive them to act? These are the questions Matt Haugen answers for clients every day as our Director of Content Strategy and unofficial wordsmith at StoryTeller Media + Communications.

Affectionately known as "Haugen" by the team, he fearlessly leads all things content-related. Whether it's creating effective campaigns, writing engaging blogs and emails, or producing videos, podcasts, or web copy that drive results, you can rely on Haugen to consistently deliver impressive work.

Haugen’s Background

Originally from Eagan, Minnesota, Matt attended Northwestern University in Illinois, where he studied Communications and obtained his master's degree in Journalism. After graduating, Haugen took his journalism roots to WCCO-TV, where he worked as a producer. It was there that he crossed paths with StoryTeller's founder and president, Ed Heil, who was a sports anchor at the time. Haugen's time at WCCO honed his ability to work under tight deadlines and handle stress with ease. He eventually transitioned to an executive producer role, overseeing all aspects of the FOX 9 Morning News on KMSP-TV.

However, Haugen's journey took a new turn when he decided to join Habitat for Humanity as Communications Manager and Grants Manager. It was during his tenure there that he became acquainted with HubSpot and recognized the value of using blogs to attract website traffic. After a decade of nonprofit work, Haugen felt it was time for a change.

Joining StoryTeller Media + Communications

Reconnecting with Ed, Haugen's path eventually led him to StoryTeller, where he joined the team in 2021. Bringing a wealth of skills from his previous experiences, Haugen's background in journalism made him the perfect fit for our team. Those who have worked with Haugen can attest to his superpower of creating concise, easy-to-understand, and well-researched content. His unique flair sets him apart from any artificial intelligence service available today.

Exploring the World of Content and AI

Haugen delves deeper into the world of AI-generated content, highlighting its differences from human-created content. According to Haugen, while AI can be useful for certain tasks, it falls short in providing something new and synthesizing information at the level of expertise most people seek. He emphasizes that relying solely on AI can lead to confidently incorrect results. He says, “So if you are okay with that, then AI might be your solution, but if you are looking for “human talking to human”, putting AI in between may just cause problems.” For content marketing that truly resonates with audiences, a human approach is essential.

Creating Content That Makes a Difference

At StoryTeller, Haugen's true passion lies in creating strategies that make a difference. He enjoys helping companies leverage their content and expertise to grow their businesses, whether through emails, websites, or videos. Haugen's ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing his clients happy with the results. He explains, "I love it when our clients are referred by others who say, 'They built our website, they wrote our blogs, they did our emails, they did our videos, and we were thrilled with their work.'" Some of the projects Haugen has enjoyed working on include: creating websites, such as Rogue Valley Country Club, and creating this MISCO Guide to Getting Great Sound in OEM Audio Projects.

One of Haugen's favorite topics to cover is science-related subjects. Whether it's chemistry, energy-related, or manufacturing, he thrives on the challenge of acquainting himself with a new topic and effectively explaining it to others. His ability to become a subject matter expert enables him to write about almost anything with authority and clarity.

Favorite Aspects of Working At StoryTeller

When asked about his favorite thing about StoryTeller, Haugen mentions the variety of clients, spanning from high-tech companies to manufacturers, consumer brands, and private clubs. He enjoys the process of understanding the target audience, packaging content, and presenting it in a way that aligns with the ever-changing “rules of the internet.”

Additionally, Haugen appreciates the structure of work at StoryTeller. Following an Agile methodology, he can work quickly on ongoing tasks while staying ahead of the queue. Among the company values, Haugen strongly identifies with "Driven to Mastery" and "Get Shit Done." This comes as no surprise, as he epitomizes these values.

Life Beyond the Desk

Outside of work, you'll find Matt biking, swimming, spending time outdoors, playing word games, or spending time with his three kids. He openly admits that reading the news is one of his biggest guilty pleasures. As a self-proclaimed "news junkie," he believes staying informed about the world enhances his ability to understand how customers fit into the larger picture. 


At StoryTeller, Haugen has been instrumental in taking our content creation process and deliverables to new heights. If there's one thing he wants clients to understand, it's that our team works best when seen as strategic partners rather than mere service providers. Haugen emphasizes, "We can write your blogs, update your website, write your emails. We are more successful when we understand your goals and can help you utilize our product offerings and services to achieve them." With Haugen on your team, you can have full confidence in receiving his best work every time.

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