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Meet the Team: Brynna Dolan

Need a message that’ll inspire someone to act? Brynna Dolan has you covered. She’s a pro at communicating in ways that work.

“The first marketing job I ever had was at the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau in Rockford, IL,” says Brynna. “It was our job to get creative with bringing tourism into the city while promoting the local businesses that deserved a spotlight.”

Brynna enjoyed finding ways to inspire visitors to Rockford by helping out on campaigns to revamp the downtown area in particular. The job led Brynna to realize how much she enjoyed building up an idea, publicizing it, and ultimately, getting people to support it. It’s what makes her such a valuable asset to the StoryTeller team and our clients.

How Did You First Get into Marketing?

Brynna majored in Organizational and Professional Communication at the University Wisconsin-La-Crosse. She really enjoyed learning the communication theories behind what gets people motivated. This knowledge serves her (and her clients) well as an Associate Account Manager at StoryTeller.

“I've carried that with me in all my roles. It can translate into writing and has helped me be able to get behind clients' brand stories to get their name out there.”

Drumming up excitement around any given topic is not only something Brynna likes to do but the numbers support her too! Brynna creates high-performing blogs and email pieces that drive sales. What can she say? Brynna knows how to get people’s attention and keep them interested!

What’s Your Job Title and Key Responsibilities?

When asked what her job is like at StoryTeller, Brynna shared that it is best described in a metaphor.

“I feel like an octopus. We usually have a lot going on at once with all of our different clients so I try to do what I can to reach out and take things off of my team's plates."

This is true! During our morning meetings, Brynna is always first to ask “What can I take off your plate” or “How can I help?” This keeps client projects moving fast.

Brynna is exposed to a myriad of clients in different industries. She shares, she “really enjoys being able to step in to support the team on a bunch of different things. It's exciting and it's really helped me grow.''

Brynna is like magic putty and has the ability to fill in any cracks that appear. From behind-the-scenes work, client relations, content creation, you name it, Brynna is all over it! 

Where Are We Most Likely to Find You Outside of Work?bean (1)

Off the clock, Brynna retires from her octopus persona and kicks back. “I spend a lot of time with my cat, Java Bean.” Cameoing on a few internal calls, we can all confirm Java Bean is a cutie and well worthy of Brynna’s attention.

Besides hanging with her cat, Brynna and her boyfriend are TV connoisseurs, devoting their Wednesday nights to new releases of The Mandalorian, South Park, and Ted Lasso. Cat in her lap, wine glass in hand, Brynna is ready for a couch marathon.

On the weekends you can catch Brynna hosting her friends and family to visit, out at a show, or enjoying some good food and drinks on a patio/rooftop.

What Are Some Small Things That Make Your Day Better?

When things aren’t going Brynna’s way, she tracks down her cat and lets Java Bean know what’s on her mind.

“She's a great listener.”

During a particularly hectic time, Brynna enjoys a mid-day shower–admittedly a huge perk of working from home. If there isn’t time to do a deep cleanse, she takes “15 minutes to wash my face and do skin care. It's just a nice reset to be able to rinse off the day and jump back in with a clear mind and face.''

Engaging in little pick-me-ups throughout the day is a great way to boost your mood and stay engaged with what you are working on! 

What do You Like Most About Being a StoryTeller? 

Brynna, like other StoryTellers, often points to our company culture as one of their favorite parts of her job.

“I like that our company's expectations are laid out in our core values. I think a lot of companies have core values posted on their website for decoration, but they do not really live by them. StoryTeller does, which is what makes us such a well-functioning team.”

Thank you Brynna for being your go-getter, team-orientated, octopus self–StoryTeller is lucky to have you!

Do you have what it takes to be a StoryTeller? We are always on the lookout to expand our team. Reach out to Kathy Heil today to learn about our current job openings.


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