About Club Marketing

Club Marketing Services is a full-service sales and marketing team dedicated to helping you sell to and achieve sales success at Walmart and Sam’s Club.  Our company was established in 1985 with an idea:

Be the best in the business. Be the company that both suppliers and Walmart and Sam’s Club buyers turn to when they need proven sales results and execution.

Our philosophy “Whatever it takes” means that we never stop innovating our business to ensure suppliers get the best possible results from the work we do. If there is a challenge, we don’t stop until we have helped conquer that challenge. Even when success is at hand, we are constantly looking to see how it can be built upon. We are never happy with the status quo.

Located in the heart of Northwest Arkansas, the home of Walmart, through hard work, experience, relationship building and dedication to perfection, we have grown into a business that time and again creates lasting success stories for the suppliers we represent.

In July of 2014, Club Marketing Services became an independent operating group inside the Advantage Sales and Marketing organization.